Ur Struktur

Exhibition at Vestfold kunstsenter april 2007.

Gabriella Göransson: Installation
Vestfold Kunstnersenter (Vestfold Artists’ Centre)
Reviewed by Grethe Hald for Tønsberg Blad

We are surrounded by Gabriella Göranssons’ delicate red paper objects and gaze in fascination at the installation, our eyes moving up and down, wondering what it is we can see. The material used is a textile made from linen fibre and pigment, and the figures initially appear to have a maritime character, possibly because the strips the objects are constructed of resemble dried bladder kelp.
Several consist of hollow spaces and the enclosed shapes initially produce associations with Bård Breivik’s sculpture. Göranson’s figures appear to be light as a feather, however, as if they are gliding or floating. But what is this?

The artist has called the installation “Primordial Structure” and this triggers thoughts about primitive forms of life such as trilobites or krill and plankton. Next I see sea urchins and millipedes. Then I think of the new species which scientists are constantly discovering, the ones which are completely transparent and live in the depths of the ocean without any light. But then, how about chromosomes? Some of the red spirals set me thinking about genes and DNA in this age of genetc manipulation. These simple shapes wich are carriers of both the past and the future and therefore, in reality, the whole of humatity?

Gabriella Göransson’s drawings lend support to some of these ideas with their waves, this constant and eternal cycle of ebb and flow.